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Yara first started practicing yoga as a way of adding wellness to her routine. Beyond the stretching, the feeling of floating in bliss in Savasana kept her coming back to practice.

When she began experiencing the positive changes in her body and the healing benefits of the practice, she decided to deepen her understanding of the practice by pursuing a yoga teacher training.

She immediately got hooked as she discovered the philosophy and the spiritual part of yoga and since then, she has been on a journey to understand the body/mind connection.

Her passion turned to spreading the joy of yoga and to share the love for her practice with the people around her. 

Yara has been a regular practitioner at The Shala Dubai since she moved to Dubai and is currently assisting Nathalie Daou in the morning mysore classes and is teaching the afternoon mysore on Wednesdays and Fridays.



Agostina is a dedicated practitioner, passionate about yoga and she has been assisting Nathalie Daou The Shala Dubai. Agostina is teaching the morning mysore classes at Dubai Internet city branch. Here is a little message from her:
"I found the Ashtanga practice 6 years ago in a difficult time in my life. After a few months of starting the practice things started to take a different direction.
From that moment the practice was always my faithful companion… a lifestyle.
For me the biggest discovery was not doing amazing asanas and postures (which is just 1 anga of the 8 steps of ashtanga)… I truly understood that there is something beyond the physical body, we are purusha (soul), is like an eternal light that never goes out.
For me Ashtanga is a path in constant construction, physically, spiritually and mentally. It changes your life for the better. At list, this practice changed my life and for that I’m eternally grateful.
I was a dancer in my youngest days and later started to teach dance classes.
And when I started to practice yoga, a few years later I felt a necessity of sharing what this practice brought me.
I think I was born with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, it’s such a privilege and an honor to help others. Sharing this practice makes me happy!"




Parisa has been teaching yoga in Iran for the past 6 years and has recently moved to Dubai. For her, practicing the Ashtanga Yoga method gives her a sense of ease, contentment and discipline.

No wonder she lives to share her passion for yoga with others.

In 2016, she embarked on an epic journey to India where she discovered she was entirely immersed in the tradition method of Ashtanga Yoga. Parisa's practice doesn't come from a place of achieving postures, but from a place of genuinely wanting to discover herself and become who she believes she is meant to become: brave and authentic to her values. 

Parisa has been a regular practitioner at The Shala Dubai since she moved to Dubai and is currently assisting Nathalie Daou in the morning mysore classes.

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