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Mysore Style Yoga gets its name from the city in Southern India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived. Is a self‐paced class allowing students to receive individual instruction while learning the Ashtanga yoga practice. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the practice. In a mysore class the student experiences the traditional way Ashtanga Yoga is taught. Each student learns and memorizes each pose one-by-one, as instructed by the teachers, and in doing so takes full responsibility for their own practice. Students progress at different pace.

Students can arrive at any time during the session, as long as they allow enough time to finish their practice and take rest. This method of learning allows for a healthy adaptation according to the students needs.

The practice room is silent except for the sound of the breath; this allows students to fully immerse themselves in what is essentially a meditative breathing practice.


This class is appropriate for students who are familiar with the practice. Students are counted through the Ashtanga Yoga primary series. The intent of a led class is to learn the proper vinyasa count for each posture.

Prior to class we will have a brief talk about the underlying philosophy behind the practice with tips on some of the poses from the primary series. 

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