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Yoga Retreat.

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Cape Town

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November 24 - 30

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After years practicing yoga in a few places around Dubai, I’ve finally found my ultimate place for yoga practice, physical and spiritual. I get a lot of positive energy during the practice as well as off the mat as The Shala is not just a yoga place, but a family, a community of ashtanga enthusiasts and beautiful minds


I am forever grateful for finding The Shala and discovering Mysore under the guidance of Nathalie Daou. My practice completely changed (on and off the mat) and I began to become much more comfortable with my self practice and tuning into my body and breath. Nathalie is an amazing teacher who guides with true intention and commitment on a consistent basis - I feel very fortunate to call Nathalie my teacher 
The Shala feels like a sanctuary to me; when I am there I feel at home. Thank you to Nathalie and Alifa for always believing in me!


The atmosphere that The Shala Dubai provides is like no other.  It embodies a family with members from so many different backgrounds and with different perspectives.  Nath has the capability to follow each and every one personally, push the right buttons on how only Nat can do, motivate us to become better while also allowing the freedom to participate in the journey in our own way. Nath taught me how to embrace difficulty, take on challenges, be humble in my advancement, centered, patient and embrace my differences.

This also reflected on the way i live my life, how i deal with people and my general attitude. learned the importance of practicing a balance between strength and flexibility When I look back, I would have not imagined this trip and I can tell you that Nath provides a sort of ambience in The Shala that allows everyone to feel welcome. It has been an awesome journey that I can now take with me wherever I go.



I took my Ashtanga classes in

The Shala Dubai and I soon as I started I felt in love with this practice.

The energy around and specially Nathalie's guidence made me continue coming into the Shala every day.
Due to Nathalie's help and patience  I am now more confident and more connected with myself and my practice. She is a very professional teacher and an amazing human being.

I joined the Beginners Course with Nathalie and Alifa in August 2021.  I was worried at first about “giving up” all my weekends in August but quickly found that it was far from giving up and more about learning skills that will last with me for a lifetime.  The course was tough at times but it was worth it each week when you realised your body was that bit more flexible. The beauty of Ashtanga is you can really see the improvements in yourself each week. Nathalie and Alifa are the perfect duo to teach this class. Different people but with the same enthusiasm and love for their subject which really comes across in the classes.  There are times during the session when you might feel you’re not moving as fast as everyone else but Nathalie and Alifa were always there to encourage and motivate and remind you that this is your practice and cannot be compared to others. The mix of theory and practical was not something I was expecting and was a real bonus to the class.

Nathalie's energy, knowledge and passion for Ashtanga is infectious. From the minute the beginners course started I felt excited and at ease about the coming weeks. Nathalie personalises the practice to suit everyone's needs whilst ensuring the pace and content of the classes is just right for all. I am missing the course now it has ended and am enjoying exploring Ashtanga in Mysore classes as well at home. Thank you doesnt seem enough!



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